Before you submit a briefing, we just want to give you an overlook of what you need and what happens next:

  1. Assemble all the information about your briefing – during the submission you’ll be asked to insert logistic informations, such us: location, deadlines and a description of your company. Also, providing an image/logo that illustrates your event/accelerator/corporate program is really helpful.
  2. Keep in mind about “deal-makers” and “must-haves” – while submitting your briefing you can opt to ask startups for up to must-haves criteria (e.g. minimum annual revenue is 1Mio EUR or solutions only focused on Diabetes) and 3 deal-maker questions (e.g. please describe your activities in North America or which studies show the outcome of your product?). These criteria increase the chances to have a successful match
  3. Submit the briefing and start a new one if you have several offerings – there are no limits!
  4. R2GConnect team will get in touch with you – we’ll get back to you once we received your briefing. We set a call to just to double check with you about the information submitted, so we fine tune all the details and publish it. Also, we want to know how many times you would like to have checkpoints throughout the selection phase
  5. We’ll screen and promote your briefing – once the briefing is published in our platform, R2GConnect team will screen it and promote it for you
  6. Get the right applications that match your offer – we will get back to you with a list of startups that fullfil your criteria and that have the requirements to potentially start partnering!

We invite you to add your briefing  by submitting the details of your offering; it should not take you longer than 10 minutes.