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R2GConnect does the match. Partners can place briefings to announce partnership opportunities for startups. Startups and innovators can apply to those briefings.

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R2GConnect is a matchmaking platform for partnerships between digital health companies and the healthcare industry (briefing partners)

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You are a digital health company/startup and are looking for an investor, a co-development or knowledge partner, a first customer, or a distribution partner. Start collaborating with our briefing partners today. Activate your profile to receive partnership invites and apply for partnership opportunities.

Research2Guidedance connects startsups


Research2Guidedance connects startsups

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You are a healthcare company, accelerator, investor, conference organizer or any other type of company that is looking for a digital health company to partner with. Sign up to browse through thousands of startup profiles, publish your partnership request (briefings) and receive applications from digital health companies from all over the world.

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