Apply to our briefings and start scaling your solutions!

What is R2GConnect platform and who are our partners?

R2GConnect is a platform made for startups that shows partner opportunities.

Our partners are mostly corporate innovation programs, investors, accelerators/incubators and conference organizers. For example, if a VC fund is looking into investing in startups working on diabetes, if a conference organizer is looking for startups to pitch or if an accelerator has opened up applications, they can all be published at R2GConnect and you, as a startup, can apply to them.

Opportunities are published as briefings; these are short and customized descriptions that are designed to exactly point out what corporates, investors, event organizers and accelerators/incubators are looking for. It’s easy and there are no limits, you can apply to as many briefings as you want.


Exposure – while applying to briefings you’re immediately giving huge visibility and exposure to your startup, this is the first step to get the attention of our partners which include investors, accelerators and pharma companies.

Partnerships & networking – the most obvious takeaway from our platform is that you can actually start building the foundations of a pilot program or your way to a VC round.

All in one platform – you have access to partner briefings in a convenient and compilled way. All of our partners are interested in getting in touch with startups and working with innovators like you.


  1. Apply to briefings – firstly, browse our list of partner briefings and select the ones that match your startup. Be aware to fulfill the partners’ deal-makers and must-haves when submitting your application; these are criteria that the briefing owners are interested in seeing in startups.
  2. Receive feedback – depending on the deadline, you’ll receive a notification either from us or directly from the briefing partners.
  3. Demo dayyou meet directly with the partners that are interested in your solution. We invite you to pitch in front of them and spend time together. By the end of the day, partners will be able to select the teams that they want to work with.

We invite you to apply to the briefings and start connecting. Let’s hope it’s a match!