who should work with us?

Our partners are mostly innovation programs, investors, accelerators/incubators and conference organizers.

For example, pharmaceutical companies, health insurances, hospitals and med-tech companies that aim to drive innovation through partnerships, venture capital companies and banks looking for investment opportunities, accelerators and incubators that want to get high quality applicants and healthcare conferences and exhibitors that want to attract startups and innovators.


A briefing is a description of your offer, so can startups can read them and apply. Here are some benefits of submitting your briefing:

  1. Get better and more applications – R2Gconnect will increase the numbers of applications to your programs and events, while our targeted briefings will help to improve the quality of applications.
  2. Save screening and evaluation time and cost – R2GConnect filters and prioritises applications. This means that you can opt to only see a pre-qualified list of applications which makes the evaluation process less time consuming.
  3. Raise awareness – R2GConnect is a global initiative, thus, we make your briefing programs widely known in the digital health industry.
  4. Increase impact of digital health partners – by letting R2GConnect take care of screeing and evaluation, you can concentrate on integration and testing.

what are briefings and how to send them?

Opportunities are published as briefings, here are some instructions about them:

  • Submit your briefing directly in our website – you’ll find the form on the submit your briefing section.
  • Briefings are meant to describe your corporate program, an investment fund or an event, so startups can read them and apply. We encourage you to send briefings that are short and precise. 
  • You can customize your briefing. While sending your briefing bear in mind that each partner can choose up to 3 must-haves criteria (e.g. minimum annual revenue is 1Mio EUR or solutions only focused on Diabetes) and 3 deal-maker questions (e.g. please describe your activities in North America or which studies show the outcome of your product?) that the startups need to fulfill when applying. These criteria increase the chances to have a successful match


You can place as many briefings as you want or let R2GConnect do it for you! We can support you in:

  1. Active screening – right after you have submitted your briefing, R2GConnect’s team will manage them, meaning that we will be tracking all the applications received from the startups. In addition, we promote the briefings in R2GConnect’s platform to make sure that they get high visibility.
  2. Pre-filtering and evaluation – after gathering a significant number of applicants, R2GConnect’s team filters the ones that match your deal-makers and must-haves criteria. From there, we prioritise startups that are the best fit for you and contact them.
  3. Demo dayswe introduce you directly to the startups that made it to the top of our selection. We invite you and the startups to spend time together and they’ll have the chance to pitch. By the end of the day, partners will be able to select the teams that they want to work with.

Send your briefing and have access to startups that fulfil your strategy goals. Let’s hope it’s a match