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We establish partnerships between digital health startups and companies

R2Gconnect is a service of research2guidance which creates meaningful partnerships between established healthcare companies and start-ups in order to build the future of healthcare.

Startups eager to thrive and leverage their products while companies aim to distribute and bring the newest innovations to the market in a fast pace. The two worlds are complimentary but many times there’s just not a link between them.

R2Gconnect is a platform where the two worlds can meet. We aim to leverage cooperation and long-lasting partnerships between established companies and startups in Digital Health.

The R2GConnect matching platform is a service of Research2Guidance, a digital health consultancy and strategy company based in Berlin.

R2GConnect is developed and managed by Research2Guidance’s team, being one of the main pilars of our innovation management services. R2GConnect aims to link and connect corporate partners with startups, creating a win-win situation for both parties. We also support companies in the integration of innovative products and services in their offerings.

At Research2Guidance, our mother company, we support businesses in digital healthcare and ultimately improve the way healthcare services are delivered globally.  We work with traditional healthcare companies like pharmaceutical, health insurance or med-tech companies, medical institutions, as well as start-ups and enterprises that want to enter the healthcare market by using digital enabled business models and solutions.

Since 2010, we have empowered digital health innovators and supported their missions for better healthcare.

Research2guidance’s team consists of highly qualified and committed market analysts and consultants who are set to help you with any strategic challenges you might face.

We thrive for excellence in all we do. Our consultants are 100% dedicated to digital health.


Anton Kannemeyer

Partnership Manager

Anton is supporting startups and briefing partners to use R2GConnect. Get in touch with Anton if you want to know more about how to send a briefing and to understand how you can be part of R2GConnect platform.


Ralf Jahns

Director & Co-Founder

Ralf is managing R2GConnect’s active screening and innovation management. Get in touch with Ralf if you’d like to have an overview of our services.


Get in touch with us and learn more about how we can support your business!

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