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R2GConnect is a platform to connect investors, corporates, accelerators etc. with the innovators in the digital health space. Briefing partners will be able to publish their briefing looking for specific digital solutions. Technology providers can browse these briefings and are able to directly apply to the briefings and find potential business opportunities.

You can sign up here, fill in your company details and your account is activated.

The platform is free to use for startups and scaleups.

All the briefings can be found at "Browse briefings". If you are looking for a specific partner/investor, you can find our partners at R2G Connect > Our partners.

Browse through the available briefings, once you find a briefing that is of interest to you. 1. Select the briefing and press apply. 2. Answer the three dealmaking questions, whenever you are ready. Press apply and your company profile will be attached to your briefing application.

Yes, you are able to save your draft. By pressing "save as draft". You can access and finish your draft at later point of time via your dashboard.

The dashboard manages all your applications, you are able to view them. Find the current status of your applications and finish draft applications.

R2GConnect's briefing partners can view your profile and directly invite you to apply for their briefing, you will receive a notification and an email when you have been invited to apply for a briefing.

There is no limit to the amount of briefings for which you can apply for, you can apply for multiple briefings. You can re-use your company profile for every briefing.

You are able to find and manage all your applications in your dashboard. In this section you are able to see the current status of your application. Pending: with an explanation of status? Shortlisted: with an explanation of status? Not selected: with an explanation of status? Selected: with an explanation of status?

You can decide what you want to show and disclose on your company profile. Our premium partners are able to view your profile and are able to invite you to apply for their briefings. If you apply for a briefing, the briefing partner will be able to view your company profile and your answers to dealmaking questions.

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