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– a co-development partner (e.g., pharma)

– your first customer (e.g., hospital, insurance)

– an investor

– an acceleration program

– a research partner (e.g., university, ministry of health)

– a distribution partner (e.g., for EU market entry)

– or just a partner to grow your digital health business

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R2GConnect is a partnership matching service for all digital health companies

As long as you are offering digital health services it is for you ...

Global Partnerships

R2GConnect provides partnership opportunities for all regions of the world

All digital health market segments

Partnership opportuniteis exists for all market segments incl. e.g., telehealth, DTx, digital Altzheimer or fitness solutions.

All company sizes

It does not matter how big you are. Opprtunities exists for companies sizes e.g, startups with or without a product in the market or grwonups with hundrets of team members.

How it works

Create your company profile and manage applications in your dashboard

Our awesome features
Create your profile and open your dashbaord

Activate your account and make it visible for briefing partners by creating your company profile. You will have your onw dashboard to manage your profile and applications.

Our awesome features
Decide on your level of visibility

You can select the information you want to show to briefing partners. There are three categories of informations: Company info, your main scope of offerings, and detailed profile infos. The more information you show, the higher your chances of being invited to a briefing.

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Browse through briefings

R2GConnect offers you a growing number of partner opportunites with briefing partners. Briefing partner are looking for e.g. digital health companies for their partner programs, as part of their investment strategies or to support their business. Have a look and find most interesting partner opportunities for you.

Our awesome features
Apply for a briefing

When you have found a briefing that interests you, press the Apply button and answer the "Must Have" and three "Deal Maker" questions. Your profile information is simply attached to the application. With "Submit" your application will be sent directly to the briefing partner.

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Get feedback

The briefing partner will evaluate your application and send you a feedback. You will receive feedback notification with instructions for next steps directly in your dashboard/via email.

Our awesome features
Start your partnership talks

R2GConnect is a matching platform that helps you to find industry partners or investors to grow your digital health business. Once you have a match, it is on you to make the most out of it. Good luck.

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