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R2GConnect, the global matching platform for the digital health industry, a service of Research2Guidance, and Nubentos, The API Marketplace For Healthcare, announced a partnership to map and raise the awareness of global business opportunities in the digital health space. The upgraded R2GConnect platform helps to match partnership requests from accelerators, incubators, investors, event organizers and corporates on one side with digital health innovators and startups on the other side. Startups and digital health innovators can explore all the partnerships and venture capital opportunities, as well as apply to as many business opportunities they want. Innovation management by partnerships has become one of the key channels for integrating novel digital services into a core offering of healthcare corporates and for creating new revenue streams. To help drive digital health innovation and build a successful digital health ecosystem, industry partners can place an unlimited number of briefings on R2GConnect to announce their business opportunities, corporate programs, and digital health events. In accord, Nubentos mission is to promote and facilitate the adoption of innovations in Digital Health and Connected Health by the entire health ecosystem, by simplifying the way they are discovered, accessed and integrated in any Healthcare software. Sorin STIRCU, Partnerships Manager Digital Health, R2GConnect, said, "With the launch of the 2nd version of R2GConnect we will include additional support not only for Startups/Scaleups, but also for the briefing partners. Nubentos - one of the key launch partners – will provide valuable support with regard to seamless integration and healthcare APIs that will facilitate faster integration of any Digital Health innovation with existing infrastructures.” The newly formed collaboration between R2GConnect and Nubentos focuses on raising the awareness of up-to-date digital health partner briefings among the global digital health community and empowering digital health startups scale their businesses by finding the right corporate partner. R2GConnect platform is available for free to all startups and digital health innovators. By being part of the R2GConnect platform startups will have great visibility in front of established healthcare companies, can start building the foundations of a pilot program or their way to a VC round, enter new global markets with the right partner, get in touch directly with potential partners who are interested in their solution and much more. Manuel Morales, CEO and founder of Nubentos, says that “partnering with Research2Guidance for the launch of R2GConnect platform, is an important step in our strategy of opening more and more channels where the challenge of integrating Digital Health innovations in the software of corporates and clients is a recurring issue and a waste of resources and costs in the short term and in the long term. R2GConnect comes to give awareness for both sides’ opportunities, giving birth to more projects where Nubentos can help reduce costs and time-to-market. We are thrilled to be strategic partners of this initiative.” Startups and established healthcare companies with interest in digital health innovation are invited to join

Enhanced R2GConnect, the global matching platform for the digital health industry, launches with its first series of partnership opportunities. Today, the platform allows efficient startup scouting for any request coming from healthcare industry stakeholders. For the past two years, the platform was tested with leading healthcare companies, investors and accelerators. R2GConnect platform links, matches and facilitates strategic partnerships between established healthcare companies and startups / digital health innovators. The platform works like a job portal but for partnerships in the global digital health arena. At R2GConnect, partners (corporate innovation programs, investors, accelerators/incubators and conference organizers) can place unlimited number of briefings to announce their business opportunities, corporate programs and digital health events. Briefings can target digital health companies that support use cases or business models’ partners are looking for. Startups and digital health innovators can join the platform free of charge and can discover partnerships and venture capital opportunities. They can apply to as many business opportunities that fit their strategy for growth and get in touch directly with as many potential partners who are interested in their solution. The new platform launches with more than 3000 startups and digital health innovators within a variety of digital health solutions for many key therapeutic areas such as diabetes, oncology, DTx, cardiovascular, women’s health, weight loss and obesity, respiratory, MS, and etc. The list of companies that have tested R2GConnect in the past includes: The German Federal Ministry of Health (BMG), the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA), the European Innovation Council, InsurTech Hub Munich e.V., Novartis Biome, Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS, Village Capital & IBM, Chinaccelerator, Digital Health Ventures, Boehringer Ingelheim, Saudi Enaya Cooperative Insurance, EIT Health Germany, Jemm Ventures. To create present R2GConnect service offering we used the feedback from our partners. “Since 2020, R2GConnect has supported hundreds of matches already. It works. With the new dashboards and direct access to thousands of startup profiles, we want R2GConnect to become the scouting and matching platform of the global digital health industry “ said Ralf Jahns, Managing Director of Research2Guidance. R2GConnect platform debuts with briefings from some of our launch partners: Nubentos, Ticbiomed, Upgraded part of Healthtech Finland, Americas Health Alliance, A-MEDICA, ORCHA, and THE HIVE. You can find the current active briefings here. “The second version of our Platform will become a global marketplace where the demand and supply in Digital Health will meet. R2GConnect will support briefing partners in finding the required level of innovation to be implemented and will allow Startups and Scaleups to identify new business opportunities that will not only secure the necessary funds but will also open new markets and new possibilities.” Sorin STIRCU, Partnerships Manager Digital Health, R2GConnect. More briefings will be added every day. Startups, please sign up for free here to never miss a partnership opportunity. Startups / Digital health innovators and established healthcare companies are invited to join 's for free! Industry partners looking for digital health startups, please book a demo session with Sorin Stircu, Partnerships Manager, R2GConnect at

R2GConnect presents EU4Health call for tender, published by the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA), with the support of the German Federal Ministry of Health (BMG). The European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) has launched a tender with the scope of – design, development, piloting and delivery of a software called ‘EU Mobile App for Cancer Prevention’. The total amount of funding is 3 500 000 EUR. The expected result at the end of the contract will be the delivery of a user-friendly, easy-to-use and understand, portable, and interactive IT tool to help people accessing a variety of available and publicly accessible sources (information, guidelines, best practices, recommendations and references) to reduce their cancer risks, and prevent cancer. The working product will be offered for free to the general population. According to HaDEA “About 40% of cancer cases in the Union are preventable. Prevention is also the most cost efficient long-term cancer control strategy. It is estimated that the cancer burden can be reduced by up to 50% if scientific knowledge on causes of cancer will be translated into successful preventive actions, including through improving communication, including health literacy, with a view to increasing access to understandable messages on prevention, including by hard-to-reach and marginalised groups of the population.” All interested digital health companies, start-ups, programmers, institutes and software companies are invited to participate in this public tender by April 29, 2022. Detailed requirements for the app are described in the tender documents. The tender must be filled out in English. To learn more about this briefing and to Apply, click here. This tender is part of the flagships and actions, which will implement the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan that aims to improve cancer prevention, through extending the coverage of the European Code against Cancer, improving health literacy to empower people to manage their own health and through translating in concrete actions the evidence-based approaches of personalised cancer risk assessment. If you would like to explore more business opportunities or send a briefing to have full access to R2GConnect digital health startups community, get in touch with Stela Nikolova |

R2GConnect is a matching platform for the global digital health industry. Since launching at the end of 2019, the platform has helped many industry incumbents drive their specific innovation needs. In 2022 we will see various new additions to help better serve new and existing partners. Finding the right strategic partners in the world of healthcare can be a daunting task. To enhance the experience of healthcare incumbents in forging ties with digital health startups, we created R2GConnect to efficiently manage partnership requests between healthcare stakeholders to drive innovation in healthcare. Given the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on the digital health landscape over the past two years when looking at funding and partnerships, we have decided to launch a new R2GConnect platform with an enriched service offering for both corporate and startup partners. We have witnessed when successfully implemented, digital health partnerships are crucial to improving access, affordability, and efficiency of care. Taking the learnings over the past two years, we are working on a new platform that will be even more effective in helping industry partnerships flourish. The new platform will incorporate a digital health database that will serve as a comprehensive source of startups actively seeking specific industry partnerships. Users will also have access to a dashboard, helping facilitate the scouting process with new features to manage applications and communicate directly with relevant startups. If you would like to stay informed about the progress, please stay tuned to our website and social pages.

The German Federal Ministry of Health works together with R2GConnect to look for digital health innovators that support patients with back pain. The German Federal Ministry of Health established the Zukunftsregion Digitale Gesundheit (ZDG) which is a project that aims to support and evaluate the digital health solutions to be used in the German health system. The German Federal Ministry of Health published a tender on the R2GConnect platform which is currently being sought to provide digital care providers who can support patients with back pain. These must be apps, software or web applications that are already CE certified as a medical device. Successful applicants will receive regular feedback on the use in treatment by the participating physiotherapists and on the benefits of the application by the patients in the Berlin-Brandenburg test region. All interested manufacturers and suppliers are invited to participate in the public tender. Company should provide access codes for 1,000 patients. Interested companies will have to fill out tender documents in the German language. You will be linked to the German tender platform. The current selection process is open until November 16, 2020. Apply here. Must-Have‘s: CE medical device certification German language Operating in the EU If you would like to explore more business opportunities or send a briefing to have full access to R2GConnect digital health startups community, get in touch with Nazareno Quines Jr. |

Nex Cubed has partnered with R2GConnect to look for Singaporean digital health startups that are interested in expanding their business to the US Market. The three week programme allows startups to undergo a series of workshops and network with the key stakeholders including providers, payers, and policymakers. Nex Cubed has established itself as a leader in early-stage innovation, providing startups support to roll out their solutions in the market and prepare the startups for investment and enterprise readiness. Here are the three deal makers questions for startups: Please describe your plans to commercialize your products in the United States. Please describe your technology and its state of commercial readiness (Beta, MVP, Pilots, Generating Revenue, etc). Does your company meet the definition of 30% local shareholding in Singapore? Ready to answer these questions? Submit your application here. The application deadline is September 30, 2020. If you would like to explore more business opportunities or send a briefing to have full access to R2GConnect digital health startups community, get in touch with Nazareno Quines Jr. |

SignalGeneriX, a Cyprus-based technology company doing cutting edge research and development in the fields of signal processing and wireless communications has opened an innovation challenge, calling all innovators who have a disruptive mindset to create a solution in the fields of Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, eHealth, Cybersecurity and Security & Defense. SignalGenerix works together with R2GConnect to expand its reach within the eHealth sector. SignalGeneriX Innovation Challenge 2020 is looking for the most advanced projects working at the edge of the various technologies including in eHealth. Applicants must be able to prove that their ideas have been developed at a Technology Readiness Level 3 or 4 and will be expected to present a prototype/demo/proof-of-concept of their solutions if shortlisted. On top of the 50,000 EUR prize, SignalGeneriX also offers the winners support in their product development, technical validation and business development. SignalGeneriX is celebrating its 15th anniversary by launching the ‘SignalGeneriX Innovation Challenge’. The aim of the challenge is to support new and aspiring entrepreneurs, working either as individuals or as teams, in further developing their ideas and commercializing their products/services with the support of SignalGeneriX team. Here are the three deal makers questions for startups: If accepted, will you work full time on this project with the potential of launching a new startup, with no other external obligations? What technical services will you need from SignalGeneriX? How do you know that there is a need for what you’re making? Have you taken any actions to validate the market? Ready to answer these questions? Submit your application here. The application deadline is September 15, 2020. If you would like to explore more business opportunities or send a briefing to have full access to R2GConnect digital health startups community, get in touch with Nazareno Quines Jr. |

Health100 is an interactive hybrid event of health, held in the spirit of an unconference. An unconference is a type of event where the agenda is not strictly regulated by organizers, but is rather co-created by attendees. It is less formal than a regular conference, and the main focus lays on making new and deeper connections in a relaxed atmosphere. Personal experience during the event is also one of the key elements. This year, Health100 partners with R2GConnect to encourage more digital health startups to take part in this event which will be held on 7th October 2020 starting at 10:00 and ending at 18:00 EET. In 2020 edition, the health and wellbeing of Health100 attendees is a top priority, thus the main event will be conducted online. R2GConnect invites its digital health startup community, healthcare professionals and the tech leaders who realize the need for innovation in today’s world. Health100 event will be for: Clinicians who believe that the processes we have in healthcare right now aren’t perfect and can / must be improved. Politicians who want to know firsthand what is happening in the health industry and adjust the regulations and policies in accordance with the objective picture and an actual need, now and in the future. Health startups with brilliant ideas or ready-products, who might be experiencing obstacles on the way to delivery (whether the obstacles lay in certain regulations, lack of outreach, lack of funding, connections, research data, and many more). Investors who realize that health is probably the most important area to invest in right now, and want to expand their deal-flow, learn more about the state of the industry, hear about tendencies and new deals in the industry, and get co-investment opportunities. Academics and researchers who want to connect with the practitioners and discuss their recent findings. Corporations that don’t want to stay aside and wish to either contribute to the COVID-19 fight, or share their practices in terms of new ways of life (dictated by the COVID-19 impact). Why attend? Get information firsthand from the relevant sources: hear what’s the state of mind of each stakeholder group in health Connect with all of the stakeholder groups in health in one day, and open new opportunities as a result A chance to take part in the co-creation of the Global Health Resolution. During the event, you get to meet many people from the industry (Nordic and Global) that you’ve never had a chance to meet before, get a chance to be heard by the community and deliver your thoughts or findings, learn more about the COVID-19 challenges and solutions to them, and get a tangible product – the Global Health Resolution, which will be a detailed summary and analysis of all the roundtables of the event. R2GConnect partners with Health100 to give away 10% discount to its network. Get your tickets here. Please make sure to click on “Using R2G Discount Code” just above the Continue button.

FRAGG Investment Management Limited is an impact management and advisory company particularly in the management of funds targeting investments in the impact and climate domains. FRAGG works with financial institutions, impact projects, businesses and other actors in the impact and climate finance domains in the West African region to raise new capital and support business growth. It helps businesses in various sectors including healthcare. In this regard, FRAGG and R2GConnect join hand in hand to call for digital health startups that are looking to expand and scale-up in the West African Region. Apart from other sectors, the programme is also targeting Healthcare & related services from diagnosis to treatment and core areas of health management and prevention, including but not limited to general and specialised hospitals, primary health care centres, pharmaceuticals, HMOs, and health technology. Here are the three deal makers questions for startups: Please describe your business activities in West Africa (including details of social impact the business addresses as well as the profitability of the company) Gross turnover in the last three years (USD) and current total asset size (USD) How long has the business been in operation? Ready to answer these questions? Submit your application here. The application deadline is August 31, 2020. If you would like to explore more business opportunities or send a briefing to have full access to R2GConnect digital health startups community, get in touch with Nazareno Quines Jr. |

IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator works together with R2GConnect to identify early-stage startups that collect, store, and/or transmit sensitive data such as medical and/or financial records. Selected digital health startups will get access to one-on-one, first-hand technical advice from the industry leaders and support from the experienced network of business gurus. Startups will also get up to 120,000 USD in IBM cloud credits without any equity. In order to provide a wide range of business expertise and mentorship to the startups, IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator program collaborates with Village Capital, Female Founders Alliance, MEDICI, Society of Physician Entrepreneurs, Queen City Fintech, and Healthtech Women. IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator program is designed for early-stage startups from across the globe that are less than five years old and has less than $1M USD in revenue. The application deadline is July 31, 2020. If you would like to explore more business opportunities or send a briefing to have full access to R2GConnect digital health startups community, get in touch with

After half a year of launching R2GConnect, the platform receives an enormously positive response from various healthcare stakeholders and digital health startups. The platform serves as an important tool to accelerate digital health partnerships and find relevant partners. A wide range of digital health startups uses R2GConnect to apply for different corporate accelerators, health insurance companies, pharma, investors and pitching event organizers. The healthcare sector is evolving rapidly with the introduction of new technologies. More than any other industry, AI, robotics, IoT, and other emerging technologies are disrupting the healthcare sector. Small companies and startup founders, from marketing to sales and accounting, have to take care of everything. Therefore it can be expensive and risky to invest time and effort in developing your innovative healthcare app or a whole new technology. Building new technology all on your own might take a lot of your time and money. Having a technology partner can reduce that risk and help you build innovative high ROI services. Several issues might occur during digital health partnerships. These problems can occur at any stage of the association. According to the latest study conducted by Research2Guidance, 80% of the digital health partnerships tend to fail due to unrealistic and mismatched expectations from the partnerships. (For more key insights on Partnerships In Digital Health, download R2G’s free whitepaper.)Research2Guidance, the analyst and consulting company based in Berlin launched R2GConnect which helps a lot both of the industry-led accelerators, incubators, health insurance, pharma companies and event organizers to identify most relevant digital health startups to partner with and vice versa and build the ecosystem in digital health. R2GConnect has been working with startups and corporate leaders interested in healthcare advancement. R2GConnect provides a platform for startups and investors to build a partnership that possibly will change the face of digital healthcare. It offers a unique opportunity for countless investors and corporate players to meet with the talented startups and get the first-ever glance at different high-quality candidates that are working to change the digital healthcare field. WHAT OUR BRIEFING PARTNERS SAY “We promoted our Sports & Health Tech program on the R2GConnect platform. We had a strong focus on startups that were building solutions for the Health Tech space which R2G was most experienced in. The whole experience was very smooth from uploading the program onto the platform to receiving the information about startups who applied in a readable format.” – Mina Begum, Head Scout | lead Sports Accelerator “Impressed by the quick turn around and the quality of applicants identified in just two days! Looking forward to working together again in 2020.” – Nassir Katuramu | Making More Health by Ashoka and Boehringer Ingelheim R2GConnect is working toward building a better future for digital healthcare. So, if you are looking for a brilliant startup and new technology to invest in, we can help you connect with the startups, which are screened by us before they get any visibility on our platform.

Kara E-health Accelerator based in Iran, provides a unique opportunity for global digital health startups to enter the middle east market and access to over 80 million inhabitants in Iran. R2GConnect is working closely with Kara E-Health Accelerator to bring together the startups and apply to the program. About Kara E-Health Accelerator: The program provides technical and specialized accelerating services to innovative startups from all around the world in all fields of health and medicine. Startups accepted in the program will receive an investment of up to € 100,000 as well as hands-on support from Kara’s in-house mentors and network of industry gurus. Selected startups will be able to work remotely or take advantage of Kara’s fully equipped co-working space. Focus areas: Medicine and Treatment Genetics Nutrition and Food Security Pharmaceutical Products and Services Medical Equipment Fitness Herbal and Traditional Medicine Environment IoT Training Health Tourism Mental Health Any other innovative idea is accepted Here are the three deal makers questions for startups: Please tell us more about your team What is your field of speciality? Tell us more about your innovative idea The application deadline is July 31, 2020. Ready to answer these questions? Submit your application here. If you would like to explore more business opportunities or send a briefing to have full access to R2GConnect digital health startups community, get in touch with Nazareno Quines Jr. |

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