R2GConnect supports your startup scouting in digital health

R2GConnect works like a job portal, only that partnerships are mediated. Making R2GConnect your scouting tool you will...

Save time and money by focusing your team members on making partnerships work, rather than looking for startups

Get better and more applications from startups. R2Gconnect will recommend startups to you

Be able to invite startups directly from the global startup database

Have all in one place. Manage your briefings and applications in your R2GConnect dashboard

Raise awareness for your digital health initiatives. Your briefing will be shared in the global digital health community

Our awesome features

Who are briefing partners?

Briefing partners are healthcare companies or any other company/organization with an interest to partner with a digital health company. The list of companies that already benefited from R2GConnect partner matches is long.


Efficiently increase the number of high quality applications of digital health companies from around the world for your program.

Pharmaceutical Companies

Scout for new DTx partner, bio markers, behavior change and much more


Find digital health solutions to support in hospital or out patients solutions for all therapeutic areas

Health Insurance

Find best-iin-class digital health companies to support members with e.g. chronic conditions, digital weight loss programs, quit smoking solutions or mental health offerings. build your digital health ecosystem


Use R2GConnect to manage the deal flow. Startups apply in a standardized format, answering your specific questions. Get the best hidden champions for your portfolio


Find local or international partners for your digital health initiatives. Find pilot partner for e.g., remote monitoring in rural areas, telehealth and much more.


Find great conference pitch/competition participants or speakers from the global digital health startups community

Lifesciences and Med-Tech Companies

Find partner companies to connect with biomarkers and sensors, behavior change programs or nutrition tracking

Research Companies and Institutions

Find a digital adherence app partner, patient management and recruitment tool for clinical trials or studies

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Some of our partners

Take a look at the full list of briefing partners that are already signed up

How does it work

R2GConnect helps you to identify startups and grownups in the global digital health industry that matches your needs.

Our awesome features
Create and publish your briefing

Briefings allow you to list what you are looking for, by when, and what you offer to digital health companies. You can publish as many briefings as you like.

Our awesome features
Browse through thousands of digital health company profiles and invite them to apply

Browse the growing database of digital health companies. Use search filters for therapeutic area, region, service type and others to quickly identfy digital health companies that matches your needs (briefings). Get detailed information about digital health companies in their profiles (premium). Invite digital health companies to apply to your briefing(s).

Our awesome features
Get recommendations

R2GConnect will constantly search for matches and send them directly into your dashboard. Have a look and decide if you want to invite them to apply to your briefing(s).

Our awesome features
Manage applications

You will see all incoming applications in your dashboard. You can request meetings, decline applications, or just put an application aside until you have seen all.

Our awesome features
Start connecting

Invite your matches for futher partnership talks, to conferences, to investor talks, to acceleration rounds, Whatever your plans are. R2GConnect does the matching for you.

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