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Contract for the development of ‘EU Mobile App for Cancer Prevention’

The National Focal Point EU4Health is a project of the German Federal Ministry of Health (BMG). The EU4Health National Focal Point in Germany is providing information on the EU health program EU4Health since March 1, 2022.

The European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA), acting under the powers delegated by the European Commission, is launching the present invitation to tender for the conclusion of a service contract. The scope of this tender is the design, development, piloting and delivery of a software called ‘EU Mobile App for Cancer Prevention’. The software and the app developed will help to ensure a better coverage and access to counsels and recommendations, on how to reduce the cancer risk.

The working product will be offered for free to the general populations, and it will offer interactive IT tool to individuals at higher cancer risk and to difficult-to-reach populations, and will include, interalia, the recommendations of the European Code against Cancer.

Interested digital health companiesstart-upsprogrammersinstitutes and software companies will have an experienced core team in project management, in the development and maintenance of the IT systems, and in Client Support Management for the delivery of high-quality stakeholder and customer support and engagement, both to organi-sations/institutions and to individuals.

The tender documents must be filled out in English. Detailed requirements for the app are described in the tender documents. You will be linked to the tender platform. 

The tender is part of the flagships and actions which will implement the Europe’s beating cancer plan.



  • Average yearly turnover of the last two financial years above € 1.750.000.
  • At least one similar (in scope and complexity) project completed in the last three years preceding the tender submission deadline, with a minimum value of € 2.000.000.
  • An experienced core team


Apply until 29.04.22
Corporate & Provider Programs
24 months
3 500 000 EUR
Berlin, DE


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