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Development of early warning features in the field of medical pricing

The National Focal Point EU4Health is a project of the German Federal Ministry of Health (BMG). The EU4Health National Focal Point in Germany is providing information on the EU health program EU4Health since March 1, 2022.

The European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA), acting under the powers delegated by the European Commission, is launching the present call for proposals.

The scope of this call / action is to develop early warning mechanisms and guidance in the area of pricing through the EURIPID database, based on lessons from competition cases, in particular on excessive pricing.

Prices and pricing decisions influence access to cost-effective & affordable medicines. Voluntary collaborations on pricing, like the European Integrated Price Information Database (EURIPID), can support early identification and warning for such practices through exchanges of relevant information at Union level.

This action will create common approaches to

  • verify claims on price information and
  • to provide appropriate guidance to adjust pricing methodologies.

The activities will include the monitoring of strategic sequencing of price increases of threats to delist reimbursable medicines or withdraw of medicines. These activities may prevent price increases based on unfounded claims to recover investments and increased costs.

Expected results and impact

  • strengthen the cooperation between national authorities to address the challenges due to certain commercial practices;
  • extend the EURIPID database to develop warning features;
  • develop relevant and related technical guidance;
  • provide an updated guidance document on External Reference Pricing.


This call for proposals is only for Member States authorities: Authorities, public administration, ministries of the federal states, health offices, federal foundations, working groups, institutes.

The submission documents must be filled out in English. Specific mandatory deliverables and/or mile-stones as well as award criteria for this action grant are described in the call for proposals documents. You will be linked to the submission platform.



  • A consortium composed of at least 6 eligible applicants established in at least 5 different eligible coun-tries. A search for partners to collaborate on this topic is provided on the EU website.
  •  Applicants specific eligibility criteria: Member States authorities.
  • An experienced team

Apply until 24.05.22
Corporate & Provider Programs
12 months - 36 months
300 000 EUR
Berlin, DE


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