Helping startups find the relevant investors

Capmatcher digitalizes the capital acquisition and investment targeting process in the early stage startup fundraising market and screens promising startups. Startups seeking to raise Pre-Seed, Seed or Series-A funding are guided and actively helped via an educating onboarding-process to provide information that is actually investor-relevant. Applications from eligible and scalable startups are individually reviewed by our Startup scouts, objective investment criteria datasets are used to compile a free exposé for the startup. This expose is provided along with a listing in the Capmatcher database as well as further services such as a free exlusive Term Sheet Creator and delivers deep and high-quality data for an initial investment decision, which solves the typical problems on the investor-side outlined before.

Investment professionals at Venture Capital Funds, Corporate Venture Capital, Family Offices, individual Investors such as Business Angels and Angel Groups or representatives of governmental programs focusing on early stage investments are able to anonymously browse the Capmatcher database. They can set filters according to individual investment criteria like vertical, stage, business model, capital demand and more. They also get all relevant information for an initial assessment in an organized and compact format. This saves much time and money and improves the deal or startup sourcing process.


  • Product or prototype available
  • Scalable business model
  • Staged Pre-Seed, Seed or Series A



Briefing Facts
Apply until 31.08.22
Investment Funds & Grants
Bavaria, DE


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