Supporting founders in digital health space

APX by Axel Springer & Porsche, based in Berlin, is a joint-venture between Axel Springer and Porsche, two best in class companies in their respective industries. It is industry agnostic and therefore interested in many industries, including healthcare.

APX believes that at pre-seed stage, founders need more than cash and a solid network. That’s why, it offers a tailormade program specifically targeted at the startups’ needs, to enable them to get follow-on funding from further investors.

APX believes that the real value is in the people: most importantly, the founders (you), the members of APX team, and APX network. APX connects the startups to mentors, customers and investors.

Its mission is to identify and accelerate the growth of:
– Teams of courageous founders
– With ambitious ideas
– Who are hungry to disrupt the world
– By building on smart digital business models
– For global digital customers



  • Digital business model
  • At least two founders
  • Pre-seed or seed stage




Briefing Facts
Apply until 15.10.21
Accelerators & Incubators
100 days
€ 50,000
Berlin, DE


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