Looking for digital health solutions combatting COVID-19 pandemic

Research2Guidance, the analyst and consulting company based in Berlin has set a call for startups with technologies and digital health innovations that could help in diagnosing, treating, testing and monitoring of COVID-19.

To help tackle corona virus, Research2Guidance is conducting an investigation on how digital health tools could potentially be of help by gathering all the digital health innovations to fight Corona crisis. The goal of this research is to create transparency about the available tools to educate the governments and companies.

Digital health tools for both patients and healthcare providers covering:

For patients

  • Prevention, education (Disease information and protection guidelines, High risk group definition, Maps with confirmed cases, infection clusters and alerts, Anxiety management and Behavioral change
  • Triage/Testing (Symptom checkers incl. chatbots, Online questionnaires, Remote doctor consultations, E-prescriptions, digital sick notes, Remote diagnostic (e.g. cough analysis), Testing site finders and Test-kits
  • Tracking & tracing (Tracking of traveling and Tracing infected people’s whereabouts)
  • Quarantine management (Geofencing, Quarantine remote monitoring, Connected medical devices, Telehealth, Online pharmacies, Communities, online groups and Mental health support)
  • In-hospital management (Patient monitoring using connected devices, Robots (remote consultation, vital signs, disinfection, etc.)
  • Post-care management (Post-discharge follow-ups for released from hospital, quarantine, Telehealth)

For the Healthcare players

  • Education (Clinician guidelines, Facility preparation guidelines, Testing orders, screening questions)
  • Diagnosis (AI-based diagnosis systems for CT chest scans, EHRs integrating travel and contacts history, Remote examination using connected devices)
  • Population management & DTx (Official cases tracking systems, Population management dashboards, Remote tracking, alert systems and Telemedicine platforms)
  • Clinical trials (Participant sourcing, Trial data management and Knowledge crowed-sourcing platforms)
  • HCP, medical staff support (Stress-management courses for HCPs)


We welcome digital health innovators to be part of this research project and contribute to combat COVID-19 pandemic.



  • Digital health solutions in COVID-19
  • Prototype or MVP
  • Innovative product or service




Apply until 01.04.20
Corporate & Provider Programs
2 weeks
Berlin, DE


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